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      Usually it’s obscene to be talking about this a year early but given we have had no window and a very good idea about where our squad and youth are at I thought i would guage opinion on what type of players are and could be potentially available to compliment our upcoming youth players.

      I think we can all agree we have to be going for top class players off the bat, no more squad fillers (apart from a new backup keeper which I’ll get to later) and these are the positions I think as it stands we must be looking at.

      1. Striker

      Will be our most urgent need barring Tammy doing a Kane and I think a really good option could be Dembele at Lyon.

      He really started to mature last season at Lyon with a 20 goal season and next summer he will 24 which is a very good age to come in to, especially if he progresses his game further.
      We should be able to negotiate a relitevely decent price with them as well, and as he’s a Fulham academy product he may like the idea of returning to West London.

      2. Centre Back

      Probably dreaming a bit with this one but a quick Google search has told me Jose Maria Gimenez has a 120 euro release clause which in this market is a very decent price for one of the best around. We should sound him out and if there’s even a chance he may be up for moving we should be all over that.

      3. Left Back

      Not really clued up on this area ATM so any suggestions welcome. I would have loved Tagliafico if he was a few years younger (maybe could be an option for 2-3 years if Lampard really thinks Castillo can make it) but we will need an athletic all round fullback to hopefully compliment James in the long run, personally I think fullback area is not far off being as pressing an issue as ST.

      4. Winger

      It’s a real shame to miss out on Pepe but we will need another body to add to CHO and Pulisic long term, out of all of them I like Lozano, maybe David Neres if he makes more progress in the upcoming season.

      5. Back up keeper

      Think we need a refresh here as Willy isn’t getting any younger. Probably look at a number 1 keeper from a relegated side or do what Liverpool did with Adrian and find a quality back up at a mid table team because after all, which bench would you rather sit on? Then if Willy will accept that put him at number 3 or if he doesn’t sign a random HG one again for that role so Cumming can head on loan for the consistent game time he will need.

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