I must admit, I was disappointed when I saw the Chelsea starting line up to face Southampton on Saturday.

I don’t like to tweet too much negativity before a game, especially as I cannot predict the future and see how the game is going to go. I like to reserve my opinions until after the game, so here I am.

Callum Hudson-Odoi should have started on Saturday, without debate.

Mason Mount started out on the wing, and we all know that he does not perform to the best of his abilities out there. Not only that, he had returned from a busy week playing for England.

Hudson-Odoi is a natural winger, and for me he had absolutely done enough in his last few games and cameo appearances to earn and keep his starting place.

I understood not starting him at the beginning of the season, there might have been something going on behind the scenes that we do not see. But once he had been selected again and started a couple in a row, and played well, he should have stayed in the starting eleven on merit.

Sure, he wasn’t world class in these games, but he certainly did more than enough to keep his spot. It wasn’t like he was losing his spot to another better winger, it was to a centre midfielder who just happens to be able to offer something out wide as well, but this is by far his natural position.

This is not slander on Mount either, because he is a great player when playing his natural position and I do understand that his energy and high press can be effective in a high and wide position. But for me, I am always selecting Hudson-Odoi, a natural winger, over Mount, out on the wing.

I think Lampard got this wrong, and I believe it is important for us to support them all, but also voice our opinions when we disagree with their decisions.