Ethan AmpaduCatherine Ivill/Getty Images

Ethan Ampadu should be the poster boy for all international football.

In what was a pretty unique situation for a player, the youngster spent a year on Chelsea’s bench, then a year on RB Leipzig’s while on loan, only playing regularly for his national team.

We hope his move to Sheffield United doesn’t turn out the same way, but even if it does there’s a consolation for him. These triple-header international breaks have been widely criticised, and with good reason. They’re tiring out players in what is already going to be a fraught season. Chelsea have had to send Thiago Silva all the way to South America, Hakim Ziyech played for Morocco before he’s fit to start for the Blues, and Ben Chilwell aggravated his foot injury in England training.

And that’s to say nothing of the crazy coronavirus risks being generated by the mixing of players from a variety of leagues and clubs.

Ampadu, on the other hand, must be loving the chance to pick up even more minutes than on his previous trips to play for his country. In the last week he’s started both the friendly against England, plus the Nations League games against Bulgaria and Wales.

In one fell swoop, he’s played more for his country than he has for Sheffield United so far this season.

So while we’re all moaning about the senseless decision to play the third game in these international weeks, let’s at least remember the one man who’s making the most of it.