GiveMeSport have created the ultimate ranking of every side to win Europe’s top prize and the highest ranking belongs to Pep Guardiola’s ​Barcelona.

Every ​Champions League winning team has been ranked from ‘simply legendary’ to ‘better forgotten’ and we believe there are some controversial rankings here.

Both Barcelona sides who won the Champions Leagues in 2009 and 2011 make it to the bracket of ‘Simply Legendary’ as per the report.

The categories specified for ranking teams are ‘Simply Legendary’, ‘Unforgettable’, ‘Brilliant’, ‘Middle of the road’, ‘Rode their luck’, ‘Overrated’ and ‘Better Forgotten’

Simply Legendary

Barcelona (2008/2009 & 2010/2011)


​Bayern Munich (2012/2013)

Ajax (1994/1995)

​Real Madrid (2015/2016, 2016/2017 & 2017/2018)

​Liverpool (2018/2019)


​AC Milan (2006/2007)

Real Madrid (1999/2000, 2001/02 & 2013/2014)

Bayern Munich (2000/2001)

Barcelona (2005/06 & 2014/2015)

​Juventus (1995/1996)

Manchester United (2007/08)


Middle of the road

​Borussia Dortmund (1996/1997)

AC Milan (2002/2003)

Inter Milan (2009/2010)

Real Madrid (1997/1998)

Rode their luck

Liverpool (2004/2005)

​Chelsea (2011/2012)

Porto (2003/2004)


AC Milan (1993/994)

​Manchester United (1998/1999)

Better forgotten

Marseille (1992/1993)

There are some insane calls made here especially when you see Manchester United’s treble winning side coming under the ‘Overrated’ category.

While it is definitely true they were dominated in that Champions League final against Bayern Munich, their comeback was nothing short of unbelievable.

In the ‘rode their luck’ category came two Premier League sides, Liverpool and Chelsea who won the Champions League in 2005 and 2012. Both sides failed to finish in the Premier League’s top four in those respective years, but it didn’t stop them achieving European glory.