An all-time ​Premier League and First Division table has been created and it reveals that ​Liverpool are the undisputed champions of England. have created the ultimate table that reveals details of total points earned by every team in top flight English football’s 131 year history.

And Liverpool take top spot with and incredible points tally of 6921, miles ahead of ​Arsenal‘s 6755.

Below is the full table:

The surprise in these rankings come at the very top when we see Everton join Liverpool and Arsenal the top three, while 20 time English champions ​Manchester United ironically sit in fourth position with 6403 points.

That is because Everton have played in the top flight of English football in all their seasons except four campaigns since the league’s beginning in 1888, with only Arsenal having a longer unbroken run at the highest level.

Liverpool are undisputed at the top not only in England but also in Europe.

The current European Champions are the best performing side in Europe’s top five leagues and top a table of the leagues all put together.

Check out the entire table below.

20. Sevilla (Goal difference: +10) Points: 47

19. Bayer Leverkusen (Goal difference: +14) Points: 47

18. Chelsea (Goal difference: +12) Points: 48

17. Atalanta (Goal difference: +36) Points: 48

16. Lille (Goal difference +8) Points: 49

15. Borussia Monchengladbach (Goal difference +19) Points: 49

14. Rennes (Goal difference +14) Points: 50

13. RB Leipzig (Goal difference +36) Points: 50

12. Borussia Dortmund (Goal difference +35) Points: 51

11. Leicester City (Goal difference +30) Points: 53

10. Inter Milan (Goal difference +25) Points: 54

9. Bayern Munich (Goal difference +47) Points: 55

8. Marseille (Goal difference +12) Points: 56

7. Real Madrid (Goal difference +30) Points: 56

6. Manchester City (Goal difference +37) Points: 57

5. Barcelona (Goal difference +32) Points: 58

4. Lazio (Goal difference +37) Points: 62

3. Juventus (Goal difference +26) Points: 63

2. Paris Saint-Germain (Goal difference 51) Points: 68

1. Liverpool (Goal difference +45) Points: 82