​Premier League’s top clubs have reportedly launched a stunning bid to try and stop ​Manchester City from competing in the UEFA Champions League, while their appeal against the two-year ban is currently ongoing.

The current English top flight champions were handed a two-year ban from playing in European competition after being found guilty by UEFA of breaching the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules last month.

According to​ Dailymail, the entire top 10 teams currently placed in the league except Sheffield United and City themselves have submitted a joint application to the Court of Arbitration for Sport which will hear City’s appeal against their punishment from UEFA for breaching Financial Fair Play rules.

The report also states that clubs like ​Liverpool​Chelsea​Manchester United and ​Arsenal have separately written to the same law firm, which has then sent an application backed by all to the arbitration body.

City for their part have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, immediately announced their intention to appeal, which they did. With the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic leading to suspension of all leagues and activities in the world of football, has led to concerns that the case will be delayed and that City will be allowed to participate in next season’s Champions League.